Brick Moon – Artist Residency

Imagine being able to pop into rehearsal rooms, artists studios and community spaces all over the world, any time of the day or night, to see how other people work, to glimpse art being made.

Imagine Brick Moon, a virtual venue which follows the sun. A space more about process than product.

Imagine being the creatives who make it all happen.

We are looking for creatives interested in curating and delivering a series of eight week programmes in Brick Moon. The lead creative may have a background in curation, production, tech, theatre-making or stage management, and will be responsible for animating all of the spaces in Brick Moon.

Brick Moon will host and celebrate connection and interaction between live artists, facilitators and communities. More about process than product, audiences will be able to drop in and browse as well as book ahead for specific events/workshops. A first of its kind platform, this space introduces a level of accessibility unmatched by any physical venue.

For more information about Brick Moon and to apply for the post, please click here

Applications close 5pm 14th August, 2022.