Big Telly Theatre Company and Radius Housing present


Fri 17 and Sat 18 June

Join us for a thrilling interactive adventure in Ballymena

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INCOGNITO – a network of elite agents working under the radar, engaged in top secret missions across the world. You will be our newest team of recruits, trained to ensure the security of those around you. You’ll move quickly and quietly from location to location, meeting strangers, unravelling stories and solving mysteries. Combining a ground-breaking mix of live actors and technology, this is a theatre experience on the move played by a number of teams simultaneously, working together to thwart a threat and avert disaster.


Smartphone required to download the App and game content. At least one person in your booking must have the app installed on a smartphone.

DURATION: Approx 60 mins. Teams can start anytime between 3pm-4pm on Fri 17 June and anytime between 10am-11am & 2pm-4pm on Sat 18 June.


TEAM SIZE: Max team size is 8 people. One person should book the required number of tickets for the whole team. We cannot guarantee that separate bookings can play the game together. If you wish to play with another family/group (up to a max of 8 people in total), please ensure you are all on the same booking.

LOCATION: Ballymena Town Centre

INCOGNITO BALLYMENA happens in the real world and real-life risks exist. Please take extra care when out and about in Ballymena as part of the event. Be careful crossing roads and mind your step. Incognito involves interacting with an app on your own device. Please be mindful of your surroundings during these times. Always, check/use your phone in a safe place. We advise wearing suitable outdoor clothing and footwear.

If you require further support/assistance, please contact Big Telly on 028 7083 2588 / 07375 462335

This event is free of charge. Click HERE to book.