Sat 21 August 2021

Join us for a fantastic interactive trail around Armagh City.

It’s Armagh 2021. Everything looks normal. But not to you, because you are part of INCOGNITO – a network of elite agents working under the radar, to complete top secret missions across the world. You will be our newest team of recruits, trained to ensure the security of those around you. You’ll move quickly and quietly from location to location, meeting strangers, unravelling stories and solving mysteries.

Working in your family bubble, INCOGNITO is a live adventure game controlled by a smartphone app which will direct you on an unforgettable journey around Armagh. Combining a ground-breaking mix of live actors and technology, this is a theatre experience on the move played by a number of teams simultaneously, working together to thwart a threat and uncover a story.


Maximum numbers per team: 6. Please note that at least one member of the team will need to have the app installed on a Smartphone – but if more than one of you have it installed, it be even more enjoyable for your team bubble. Duration: Approx 90 mins.

For tickets and timings CLICK HERE