Big Telly are back with a bang after a year of hijacking your homes with virtual mayhem. This time we’re going hybrid with a heady mix of the live and the digital, a unique experience where a remote audience can collude with a physical one and be part of a real-world experience in a way that has never been done before.

Department Story is a site-specific production which smashes together flash theatre and physical fiction in a killer spree through a department of stories, where everything returned has a tale to tell – a talking toaster, a dress with a past, accessories after the fact. Browse through classic brands like Gogol and Hemmingway or take a punt on our new collection of global writers. Take stock, grab your shopping list and be sure to ask the staff (?) for help.  But wait! This is no ordinary Department Store. Customers have choice but alongside choice comes great responsibility and before long there are decisions to be made. When the in-store shoppers end up with more than they bargained for, their fate lies with those online – but can they deliver?

Department Story is a new hybrid production by Jack Hardiker and Zoe Seaton and premieres at The Belfast International Arts Festival from 20th – 31st Oct 21.