BRICK MOON: A digital platform that combines technology and art to create a unique space for artists to showcase their work,  promoting NI as a creative destination to the rest of the world.

Opportunity for Artists:  From 26th July to 5th August, we’re inviting artists to livestream their studios, between 2pm and 4pm each day.

How to Get Involved: Either  email us on or please fill out a quick doodle poll indicating your availability – click on the link HERE and choose a time slot that suits you. Each time slot lasts one hour, but join for as long as you like!

Upon completion of the poll, please provide your name and email address so that we can contact with a link.  Any questions email Linda, at and we’ll sort it from this end.

Spread the Word: If you know of anyone who might be interested, please forward this email to them. Also, do tell anyone you know to just drop into any time between 2pm and 4pm BST from 26th July to 5th August, except Sundays.

Other things taking place: To generate as much traffic to the website/Brick Moon, we are running it alongside other hybrid/live projects in order to maximise publicity. During these dates, we will also be touring The Living Room around rural towns in NI.

How does it work?
We will send you an email with a link. When you click on it, a pop up ‘room’ opens. We use an app called Whereby, which has a very similar format to a zoom call.

Do I have to download the Whereby app?

Can I use a phone?
Yes! A phone, a laptop or webcam, can all work. Whichever device is best for you.

Do I have to be seen?
No – you can choose exactly where to point your camera – a wide shot of the whole studio, a close up of a potter’s wheel, painting, sewing, writing etc.

Do I have to talk?
No – you can have your mic off, and just focus on your process or whatever you are making. We will make it clear to visitors that this is a browsing experience, where they are able to come and go with ease.

Will the visitors be able to talk?
No, their cameras and mics will automatically be disabled. They will be able to use the written chat function which you can check if and when you choose.

How do I sell work?
You can include your website/email where your name is displayed, and we can ask visitors to leave theirs in chat if they wish to be contacted.

What happens if someone calls in to the studio while I’m streaming live?
That’s no problem at all from our end, but we can send you a small sign to display if they are likely to appear on camera and you wish to make them aware of this.

What else will be happening in other spaces on Brick Moon?
Hopefully lots of other artists (pls send this to any contacts!), and an interactive installation called The Living Room which we’re touring to rural towns in NI 25 July to 5th Aug. Also we’re keen to include some traders, walkers in the towns where we’re touring, so that online visitors get as much of a feel for the place as possible.

Finally, this is a pilot. We are keen to hear from artists, traders and about how best to use Brick Moon to promote their work, and ultimately to promote NI as a creative destination.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and for considering our request. We are truly excited about the potential of BRICK MOON and the opportunities it can offer to the arts community.

If you have any further questions about the project or your potential involvement, please feel free to contact our project manager, Linda, at  She will be more than happy to chat with you about the project.