Department Story | Premiering at the Belfast International Arts Festival 20-31 Oct


This idea that online performance isn’t shared space is a real fantasy. It’s both a gathering forum and a conduit between two disparate spaces. It is shared. This obsession that shared space can only be defined by our physical bodies sharing air in a room…is a fallacy

A photo from "No Motive", one half of the absolutely marvellous Jo Egan double header known as @Macha_NI's Body Politics. Challenging, unsettling, compelling and profound, all three actresses superb. Two performances today at the Brian Friel Theatre at @QFTBelfast.

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Our Partners

Because our creative programme is so diverse, we work with an incredible range of partners. Partnership working is one of our key priorities and enables us to reach audiences we perhaps wouldn’t on our own. We are very fortunate to work with the people and organisations below.